Press Releases

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06-17-2019 Police Execute Several Narcotics Search Warrants Arresting Five Seizing Narcotics and a Firearm

04-29-2019 Beacon Street Shooting Arrest

04-19-2019 One of Rhode Island’s Most Wanted – sought for 1st degree child molestation apprehended

01-23-2019 Central Falls Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation collaborate with on-line threat

12-16-2018 Central Falls Police Department Introduces a Camera Registration Program 

07-3-2018 Police Respond to Reported Kidnapping Arrest 3

06-4-2018 Central Falls Police conduct undercover “John Sting” Operation

02-27-2018 Police Take Down Drug Operation

02-21-2018 Liberty Street Shooting

02-12-2018 Richardson Street Fatal Shooting

01-23-2018 RI Police Chiefs Association appoints Col. Mendonca to serve as President

06-14-2017 CFPD Receives Traffic Safety Award

05-03-2017: Liberty Street Child Abuse

04-26-2017: Shooting Parker Street

04-21-2017: WANTED Hit Run Angel Otero

04-07-2017: Narcotics Search Warrants for 42 Fletcher Street 141 Cowden Street

03-29-2017: Percy Abbott Apprehension

03-10-2017: Troy Adams arrest

03-07-2017: Multi-Jurisdictional Operation nets a gun and drugs

02-24-2017: Sex Offender RI Most Wanted Arrest

03-31-2017: C.F. Police arrest graffiti artist for string of vandalisms

01-28-2017: CFPD Officers Save 7 from Burning Building

12-28-2016: CF Police Appoint New Officer

11-17-2016: CFPD recieves $94 355 00 grant

11-16-2016: 1st degree robbery Dunkin Donuts

11-16-2016: CFPD host racial intelligence training

11-16-2016: Press Release -Breaking and Entering

10-14-2016: CFPD recognizes officers with awards ceremony

09-19-2016: CFPD Cracks Down on Impaired Drivers arresting 26 during Summer Months

09-07-2016: Boston murder fugitives arrested in Central Falls

08-29-2016: CFPD Cracks Down on Impaired Drivers

08-17-2016: Teen-girl arrested and charged with narcotics trafficking

07-29-2016: Juvenile arrested for 3 counts of 1st degree robbery and 3 counts of conspiracy

07-29-2016: C.F man arrested for breaking entering along with an arrest warrant for larceny

06-16-2016: Pair arrested for narcotics trafficking and controlled substance conspiracy within a school zone

05-31-2016: Stolen MV stop leads to foot pursuit; 2 apprehended illegal firearm seized

05-07-2016: Moses Cabral Warrant

04-27-2016 NARCAN Saves Life

04-27-2016: CFPD to Participate in Drug Take Back

03-11-2016: CFPD thwarts break-in 3 juveniles arrested

03-19-2016: Navigant CU Bank Robber Arrested

02-11-2016: Luz Morales

01-29-2016: Coffee with a Cop – Central Falls

01-28-2016: CF Brothers Arrested for Felony Assault with a Handgun

01-19-2016: Motorist in Custody; Pedestrain Hospitalized after CF Crash

01-13-2016: Convicted Felon Arrested for Possession of Loaded Firearm

01-05-2016: CFPD Lauching Recruitment Drive

12-30-2015: Chiqui Muffler

12-24-2015: CVS Shoplifting Habitual Offender

12-23-2015: 20 Rand St. Narcotics Search Warrant

12-05-2015: Double Stabbing

11-28-2015: DUI Arrest

11-16-2015: DUI Aarrests

11-06-2015: Cocaine Seizure at Rite Aid

juv male and mother

10-16-2015: CFPD recognizes officers with awards ceremony

10-15-2015: Rivera

10-13-2015: Gonzalez Arrest

10-13-2015: Grant Funding

09-29-2015: 3 Sisters Charged with Robbery

Narcotics Serach Warrant 22 Rand Street

09-18-2015: Juvenile Arrested for Car Jacking

09-17-2015: Threats to Public Officials

09-10-2015: CFPD Recieves Acceditation

08-31-2015: Garfield Street Arson Investigation

08-26-2015: John Sting

08-17-2015: Diaz Firearm Arrest

07-24-2015: Luis Torres

07-23-2015: Jonathan Torres

07-15-2015: Two arrested after foot chase

05-22-2015: CFPD Appoint 3 New Officers

04-22-2015: Marijuana Butter

04-21-2015: Home Invasion

 04-10-2015: RI Police Accreditation

03-02-2015: Missing Juvenile Located

02-13-2015: Narcotics Search Warrant – 66 Cross Street

02-12-2015: Narcotics Search Warrants Washington Street

01-26-2015: 1st Degree Robbery at 7-11

01-16-2015: Narcotics Search Warrant – 41 Hedley Avenue

01-08-2015: Christmas Day Murder

01-08-2015: 1st Degree Robbery

01-02-2015: Central Falls Sponsors Three New Recruits

12-19-2014: CFPD K9 Axel

12-17-2014: Narcotics Search Warrant 39 Phillips Street

10-15-2014: Avila Jean Carlos

09-10-2014: Breaking and Entering Washington Street

08/23/2014: Man slashes woman turns knife on himself

08/12/2014: Lincoln Avenue Murder Indictment

08/05/2014: National Night Out

07/17/2014: CFPD and USMS Arrest David Torres on Molestation Charge

07/08/2014: AM Wireless Robbery

06/25/2014: John Sting

06/05/2014: Police execute duel search warrants at local salon and Cumberland home

05/07/2014: CF Police Promote 1 award dozens others

04/10/2014: CF Police Drug Take Back Program

04/10/2014: 1 Shawmut Avenue

04/07/2014: Sylvian Street Shooting

12/19/2013: CF Police Appoint 2 New Officers

12/05/2013: K-9 Unit

12/02/2013: CIOT Post Enforcment

08/19/2013: Robbery at Kandel Food Mart

08/15/2013: Las Antillas Mkt

07/30/2013: Suspect Apprehended in Connection with Sylvian Street Double Homicide

07/25/2013: Press Release from Pine Street

05/29/2013: Suspects Arrested in Connection with Shooting

05/21/2013: Subject Arrested for Discharging Firearm

05/14/2013: The Central Falls Police Department joins Click It or Ticket

05/04-2013: CF Police Arrest Husband & Wife Drug Dealing Duo

04/02/2013: Search Warrant for 119 Lincoln Avenue

03/27/2013: Cruelty to Animals

03/23/2013: CF Police Prostitution Sting

03/13/2013: CF Police Seat Belt Enforcement

01/28/2013: CF Animal Control Procures Grant

01/14/2013: CF Police Promote Four

12/20/2012: CF Police Appoint 4 New Officers

12/12/2012 Suspect Arrested on Narcotics Trafficing Warrant

12/06/2012: Suspects Apprehended in String of Robberies

11/13/2012: CF Police Thanksgiving Buckle Up Initiative

11/02/2012: Suspect Arrested for Bank of America robbery

10/20/2012: Police Arrest Trio on Narcotics Trafficking

09/02/2012: Central Falls Police Have Suspect in Custody from Early Morning Shooting

08/24/2012: Police Arrest Mother-Daughter Drug Dealing Duo

08/11/2012: Central Falls Police Seek Suspect in Early Morning Stabbing

08/10/2012: Central Falls Police Car Seat Checkpoint

08/08/2012: Central Falls Police Intensify Crackdown on Impaired Driving

08/03/12: Central Falls Police Co-Host National Night Out Event

07/14/12: Police Arrest Fifteen Individuals in Undercover “John” Sting

07/09/12: Police Arrest Unregistered Sex Offender for Distribution of Cocaine

06/28/12: Police to Enforce Juvenile Curfew  with Help from Justice Grant

06/19/12: Central Falls Police Join with DMV to Crack Down on Unsafe and Unregistered Vehicles

06/04/12: Central Falls Police Arrest Two Suspects in Home Invasion

05/12/12: Central Falls Police Arrest Two Suspects in Connection with Local Drug Ring

03/29/12: Central Falls Police Officer Receives Medal for Heroism

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