Central Falls Police Special Investigative Unit

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The Central Falls Police Department’s Special Investigative Unit (SIU) is a dedicated team of officers that specialize in the investigation of narcotics; general vice, including prostitution; firearms and organized crime. The Special Investigative Unit is often utilized to locate and arrest felony fugitives who are wanted by neighboring jurisdictions as well as our own. The unit also assists local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in narcotics investigations and tactical applications.

The Special Investigative Unit is also involved in drug education and has often times presented training information to local schools and civic organizations.   If you wish to learn more information regarding the consequences of using drugs, visit: www.justthinktwice.com.

Narcotics cases are initiated by unit members through information gained from intelligence reports, citizen complaints, surveillances, informants, historical information and undercover activities. The Special Investigative Unit is supported by members of both the Detective Bureau and Patrol Bureau who provide manpower for surveillance and tactical operations.

If you have any information you wish to disclose that could benefit the ongoing efforts of the Special Investigative Unit, please call (401) 616-2570 or email siu@cfpd.centralfallsri.gov.  All information will be kept confidential.

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