Central Falls Police Uniformed Division

The Uniformed Division is charged with the primary responsibility for all law enforcement activities within the community. The Uniformed Division’s mission is to preserve the peace, protect life and property against the effects of criminal activity and to ensure the safety of the motoring public by enforcing all traffic laws.

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Two ways that members of the Department got around in the 1950’s.

The following are only some of the functions of the division:

  • Patrol Operations
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Animal Control
  • Dispatch Communications
  • Fleet Management
  • Special Services

Specialized Units

The first recorded use of dogs performing police work was in St. Malo, France in the early 14th century, when they were used to guard dock installations.

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Due to the high degree of maneuverability, the role of the motorcycle in law enforcement has evolved and become ever expansive over the years.

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